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July 13, 2006

I swear, the Internet keeps making me more and more interested in design. So it was with much enjoyment that I browsed the 2006 Industrial Design Excellence Awards.


July 13, 2006

These design tips are actually valid for several careers – basically anything that requires some freelancing. Example:

2. 95 percent of any creative profession is shit work.
Only 5 percent is actually, in some simplistic way, fun. In school that is what you focus on; it is 100 percent fun. Tick-tock. In real life, most of the time there is paper work, drafting boring stuff, fact-checking, negotiating, selling, collecting money, paying taxes, and so forth. If you don’t learn to love the boring, aggravating, and stupid parts of your profession and perform them with diligence and care, you will never succeed.

3. If everything is equally important, then nothing is very important.
You hear a lot about details, from “Don’t sweat the details” to “God is in the details.” Both are true, but with a very important explanation: hierarchy. You must decide what is important, and then attend to it first and foremost. Everything is important, yes. But not everything is equally important. A very successful real estate person taught me this. He told me, “Watch King Rat. You’ll get it.”

June 23, 2006

Sometimes I must embrace my inner nerd: Time Breakdown of modern web design

June 21, 2006

Free templates for non-profit websites.